ARCHIVES(Journal of Harmonized Research in Applied Science)

Author: Arti Chouksey and Dr. Sonal Bharti
Keyword: Fuzzy Logic, Game Theory, Fuzzy Cooperative and Non-cooperative Games
Page No: 28-33
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.2.2018.28-33
Abstract: We survey an emerging literature on game theory for the analysis of the decision making process. The different techniques of fuzzy game theory versus their crisp prototypes are described. The properti es of the crisp and fuzzy cooperative and non-cooperative games are compared. Key words: - Fuzzy Logic, Game Theory, Fuzzy Cooperative and Non-cooperative Games Download PDF

Author: Mary V Koshy, Thara K Simon* and Teema Joseph
Keyword: Palynological, Acanthaceae and scrophulariaceae.
Page No: 34-40
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.2.2018.34-40
Abstract: Pollen grains are the microspores inangiosperms, which in acanthaceae and scrophulariaceae varied size from fine to coarse structures and their size can range from 10 to 100 micrometer. As sucrose is considered to serve energy and osmotic for pollen germination, in the present pollen study sucrose based poller germination studies was performed in 20 plant species involved in acanthaceae and scrophulariaceae family. There is remarkable diversity of pollen morphology in various characters such as pollen size, shape, length and width of the pollen tubes identified from the germination study. Morphological characters of pollen grains also can be useful in the studies of plant systematic and palynological characters are used as a tool for diagnosis of a new species. Key words: - Palynological, Acanthaceae and scrophulariaceae. Download PDF

Author: Sadhna Dadhore* and Paran Gowda
Keyword: Internet addiction, Yoga, prevalence rate.
Page No: 41-48
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.2.2018.41-48
Abstract: Since 1996, many studies are carried out on Kimberly S Young’s 8 and 20 questionnaires. But there were no primary treatment methods in correcting the prevalence and socio-demographic rates of internet addiction cases. In this study, we hypothesized that yoga is a skilled tool to tackle internet addiction. The aim is to evaluate prevalence rates of internet addiction during the pre-post yoga practices among the school and college going students in Bhopal city of Madhya Pradesh, India. A package of yoga techniques are developed for addressing the internet addict cases. Both quantitative and qualitative analysis is carried out in this paper. A cross sectional sample size of 299 cases comprising of school, college students are selected for our studies. To evaluate the addiction cases, we have used Young’s 20 item questionnaire. Our hypothesis is proved to be significant with‘t’value 71.14 with p value 0.0001. We found 3 categories of prevalence rates viz; shift users from pre yoga 3.2 % to post 92.03% increase, while mild users reduced from 25.91% to 7.90 during pre and post yoga and final category often users from 73.58% to 0% users and there are no severe cases. Based on findings we may conclude that there is a significant reduction in the internet addicts in addicted cases. The present paper’s pre yoga, data are compared with the surwase et al. results where percentage varied from 90 to 99%, mild, normal, moderate cases. A comprehensive study is required to carry out the clinical studies combine with yoga. Key words: Internet addiction, Yoga, prevalence rate. Download PDF

Author: Sunoj B S*, Mathew Varkey T K
Keyword: Graph labeling; product; prime labeling; prime graphs; cycle.
Page No: 49-54
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.2.2018.49-54
Abstract: One raised product prime labeling of a graph is the labeling of the vertices with {1,2---,p} and the edges with product of the labels of the incident vertices plus 1. The greatest common incidence num ber of a vertex (gcin) of degree greater than one is defined as the greatest common divisor of the labels of the incident edges. If the gcin of each vertex of degree greater than one is one, then the graph admits one raised product prime labeling. Here we investigated some cycle related graphs for one raised product prime labeling. Keywords: Graph labeling; product; prime labeling; prime graphs; cycle. Download PDF

Author: Dilip K. Patel*, Babu Lal Swami, T.L. Rajawat
Keyword: Imidacloprid; Thiram; Carboxin; Stability indicating; Validation; Horwitz equation; FS-Flow-able concentrate for Seed treatment, CIPAC- Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council. Uncertainty in measurements
Page No: 55-63
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.2.2018.55-63
Abstract: A novel stability-indicating ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) method has been developed and validated for quantification of Imidacloprid, Thiram and carboxin in pesticide formulation (FS ), using Poroshell 120 EC-C18 (100 mm × 4.6 mm, 2.7µm) column. Mixture of Water: Methanol (40:60 v/v) was used as mobile phase. The flow rate was kept 0.40 ml/min and detection was carried out at 250 nm. The limit of detection was 0.0006mg/ml, 0.0007mg/ml and 0.0007mg/ml for Imidacloprid, Thiram and Carboxin respectively. The limit of quantitation values was 0.0019mg/ml, 0.0015mg/ml and 0.0015mg/ml for Imidacloprid, Thiram and Carboxin respectively. The linearity of proposed method was investigated in the range of 0.0019-0.596mg/ml (r2=0.9997), 0.0015-0.178mg/ml (r2=0.9997) and 0.0015-0.175mg/ml (r2=0.9997) for Imidacloprid, Thiram and Carboxin respectively. The percentage recovery found to be in range from 98.1-99.9 %, 98.3-100.7% and 98.6-99.6% for Imidacloprid, Thiram and Carboxin respectively. The % RSD values for intraday precision study and interday precision study were <1.66, <2.0 and <2.0 for Imidacloprid, Thiram and Carboxin respectively, as per modified Horwitz equation as requirements by CIPAC. The method was found to be specific, linear, precise, accurate and robust. This method is also useful for quantification of Imidacloprid, Thiram and Carboxin in their single or combination formulated products, with different strengths and different formulation types. Keywords: Imidacloprid; Thiram; Carboxin; Stability indicating; Validation; Horwitz equation; FS-Flow-able concentrate for Seed treatment, CIPAC- Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council. Uncertainty in measurements Download PDF

Author: Maninder Kaur Walia.
Keyword: Paan, Tabaco, food Star-up.
Page No: 64-73
Abstract: Over the time the traditional paan is changed many a times to fit the modern culture and taste. Creativity just flows in such products, for example Chocolate paan, fire paan, icecream paan etc. But ev en after so much customization of paan to grab the modern taste, likings and also with such great health benefits of its own (100% Tobacco free & Nicotine free paan), the consumption of paan is very low in urban culture. Rather they go for the cigarette, Tabaco and other harmful products for refreshments. Here is where our research comes in to find out the reasons why people don’t prefer eating paan as a digestive product after lunch or dinner or whether it be for mid-day refreshment (mouth freshener). The research consists of understanding the consumption patter of paan on urban territory and reason why paan consumption is low in the upper middle class and higher class population. It also consists the reasons why people do not consume paan, Is it the product which the consumers are not liking it, is it the taste or is it the packaging or do we just need brand repositioning to change the perspective of people towards paan. The researcher has followed a qualitative as well as a quantitative research design and analyzed the consumption patter and reasons of the demand for paan in urban culture specially in the upper middle class and higher class income group.Hence with the findings to start a food startup which will penetrate the market and will replace the habits of the consumers which are leading to the bad health. Example: To reduce the consumption of Cigarette, Mint and other mouth fresheners. It will also help to create the awareness of the varied health benefits of the paan. And to reposition the product paan in the market. Keywords: Paan, Tabaco, food Star-up. Download PDF

Author: Vivek Sharma
Keyword: Startups, MSMEs, Collateral free lending, Fintech, Government Schemes, Leasing, Capital requirement
Page No: 74-79
Abstract: The objective of this study is to find out how Startups are contributing in building a new India by providing funding to MSMEs by adopting innovative and customized modes of funding. The study focusse s on two “Startups” which have gone beyond traditional ways of funding and have been successful in covering untouched methods of lending such as lease based asset financing and collateral free lending. Both these startups have shown the way by going beyond dotted lines. The research analyses business models of these startups and how they have performed until now and what is the contribution made by these startups in MSMEs funding ecosystem. The methodology used in the research revolves around data analysis available regarding these companies, customer experience and interaction with owners of the business in online and offline mode. Various business news published regarding these companies have also been used in this report. Finding of the study shows that funding in India has moved away from the traditional lending methods but isyetto pick up in a big way. Traditional players still dominate the market but these startups are signaling arrival of a new era in lending. Usage of technology for lending and providing support to MSMEs has acquired new dimensions in recent times and there is no doubt about it. The idea of government of India to promote startup seems to have paid off as business run by these startups are flourishing. Keywords: Startups, MSMEs, Collateral free lending, Fintech, Government Schemes, Leasing, Capital requirement Download PDF

Author: Ashish Singh*
Keyword: Deep eutectic solvents, green synthesis, Diels-alder reaction, glucose, inorganic salts, urea.
Page No: 80-81
Abstract: The research paper reports the innovative synthesis of deep eutectic solvents by the reaction of glucose, urea\thiourea and inorganic salts.DES are providing to be increasingly promising as variable m edia for not only potentially ‘’green synthesis’’ but also for the better applications in terms of producing bulk product as well as for enhancing the rate of the reaction. The utilization and synthesis of such deep eutectic solvents should facilitate further development of green chemistry and green chemical synthesis. KEYWORD:-Deep eutectic solvents, green synthesis, Diels-alder reaction, glucose, inorganic salts, urea. Download PDF

Author: Nilesh Maurya
Keyword: Start up, Crowdfunding, Social Impact
Page No: 82-88
Abstract: Start-up culture has picked up in India for over a past decade. But not all startups have been able to impact the economy with their corporate philosophy or have had a social impact, relevance, and fe asibility. It's hard to find a startup that is really doing something unique and making a difference. The rarest of rare being the one that is equally running a business and is also having a social impact. Is there any? Yes, there is one – Milaap- a crowdfunding platform that runs programmes for micro-funding and donation for personal causes. Imagine a young kid gets diagnosed of a rare heart disease and requires a few lakhs to get operated upon the kid's mother has a small time job of a receptionist in a small organization and her husband does an odd plumbing job. With no savings- a situation of crises strikes the family. The only options in this scenario are to approach family and friends which may help but only hampering their social lives or move to small-time money lenders which is a common source of borrowing – risking her collateral and being buried under the vicious cycle of interest payments which are as high as 50-60%. No banks or financial institution would help her due to here low income and inadequate paperwork. Anyone of us could be in this situation. Now imagine the same in a digitally connected world, where the mother can create an online donation webpage within a few minutes, send her appeal to others, and start raising funds. People can donate and share the campaign on social media with just a click. That ease-of-use, propagation on social media, and one tap donations on a phone can get the mothers appeal to strangers across the world. Milaap has innovatively put the globally famous business model of Crowdfunding to providing basic loans for grassroots projects and also helps families raise money for situations through donations.- A rare combination of business where “For -Profit” and “Not-For-Profit “ go hand in hand over the same platform. With four years into Milaap and micro lending through crowdfunding, Milaap launched a Milaap 2.0 (also referred as “Milaap You”) where it began crown funding for personal causes. Keywords: Start up, Crowdfunding, Social Impact Download PDF

Author: Ms Lakshmi Iyer
Keyword: Startup enterprise in organic food, ‘Vanjana Organics’, healthy food.
Page No: 89-93
Abstract: To promote growth and development of the economy, a number of benefits are being offered to entrepreneurs for establishing startups. Startup India campaign drew applause from all its stakeholders. Th e tax exemptions, patent reforms, and incubation programs were rolled out in an effort to encouraging budding entrepreneurs who were highly skilled, imaginative and had a zeal to succeed. It offers funding, mentorship programs, and stronger IP rights. The Startup India hub, a virtual online platform, has been successful in establishing a ONE point contact/connect for entrepreneurs, thus creating the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem. The government set up a fund with a total corpus of Rs 10,000 crore ($1.6 billion) as venture capital to support startups over the next 4 years which was meticulously disbursed by the Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI). DIPP has so far recognized over 5,350 startups in India It was projected by Assocham that by 2020 there will be 11500 firms from 3100 startups in 2014. The biggest factor being consumer growth backed by a revolution in telecommunications and internet. India will produce atleast a dozen billionaires by 2020 says Assocham. Assocham also forecasts an increase in organic food market to grow from $402 million in 2015 to $965 million in 2016. Key Words: Startup enterprise in organic food, ‘Vanjana Organics’, healthy food. Download PDF

Author: Mona Kejariwal*, Chetan Patil, Abhishekh Tiwari, Sunil Sahani
Keyword: MPN test, Potable water, CAASP
Page No: 94-98
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.2.2018.94-98
Abstract: In a Metropolitan city like Mumbai in India safe, consistent, and reliable water supply is a challenging task. Large number of population lives in areas of Mumbai that are suffering from water quality problems and water shortages which is also studied by our institution in a community-based project CAASP (Community Assessment Awareness Survey Program).Many areas have contaminated water with fecal Coliforms bacteria as the primary contaminant of concern. There are many aid groups that are actively working to develop and improve the water supply in the developing world. An important first step in such work is an accurate appraisal of the existing water supply. This appraisal often requires a rapid, onsite field assessment of possible fecal Coliforms contamination with minimal equipment. Therefore, Department of Biotechnology and Department of Botany of R.D. & S.H. National College have initiated a community-based project to evaluate the potability of water from different location of Mumbai by MPN (Most Probable Number) method since year 2009-10. This project also aims to provide guidance to the citizen of Mumbai through our institution about the usability and importance of water testing. Keywords: MPN test, Potable water, CAASP Download PDF

Author: Kirti Khanduja
Keyword: Gaon Connection, Rural communication and Media, Rural Newspaper.
Page No: 99-102
Abstract: We live in an age where there information is available at just a click. But things are not same in rural areas. There are places in India where people are still unknown about the basic information. Me dia has also ignored the rural population. Regional and national newspapers carry news items that have relevance in urban India. But now it’s time for a change; change for the betterment of rural India. Now, the rural people no longer have to be isolated from the outer world, a world full of technology. Instead, people would be able to have an access to information. In a nutshell, they would have access to the possibility of aimproved life. And this would be achieved by a new initiative- Gaon Connection, initiative taken by Neelesh Mishra, Founder & Editorial Director of the newspaper. Gaon Connection – India’s first and biggest rural newspaper which fills the gap between the unemployed and the jobs, betweenthe poor & outdated farming conditions and new farming practices, between the needy and the opportunities,between social backwardness and social reforms. Miracles can happen, once both the poles are bridged. And Gaon Connection intends to do the same task of bridging. Gaon Connection was started in Dec 2012 is a 12 page all color broadcast newspaper priced at Rs 5, printed on imported newsprint, and brings together reportage, beneficial information, rural culture, rural problems, interviews, sports, government schemes, agricultural reporting, rural food, information from make-up advices for women and men, to the precautions needed while buying insurance, and how to use new mobile applications. It is now available in the form of print media, digital media, social media and mass media. The Gaon Connection newspaper, currently, has a presence in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand and is planning to expand its content footprints to all Hindi-speaking states soon.The paper is self-financed, and not for profit, although it does not strictly follow the NGO model. India lives in its villages. Gaon Connection attempts to empower rural people by making them up-to-date and give a voice to their concerns. Keywords: Gaon Connection, Rural communication and Media, Rural Newspaper. Download PDF

Author: Namrata Parekh
Keyword: Entrepreneurs, Start up, Innovation
Page No: 103-108
Abstract: This research paper highlights the initiative founded by the Government of India – ‘Startup India, Standup India’ and the start-up scenario in India. Start-ups encourage the citizens of the country to turn their innovative ideas into a reality. This scheme formulated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led to tremendous growth of sectors such as e-commerce, fin-tech, consumer service sector, logistics, health technology, real-estate, artificial intelligence, education, nanotechnology, sports and many more. The winner amongst all the sectors is the E-commerce sector which received the highest funding of 18.57% from SIDBI. Some successful e-commerce brands which received funding from startup India are Fynd, GoCoop and Kaaryah. This initiative has many benefits. To the budding entrepreneurs the advantages are many such as IPR benefits, funds available from various schemes of SIDBI, tax exemption for 3 years, resources, online 4 week free training program etc. There are approximately 7,200 entities registered as startups under this initiative who have received the above benefits and it is also believed that every year there is a growth of approximately 3,000 startups. The overall positive impact of this on the social and economic environment is evident through increased use of advanced technology, raise in the number skilled jobs and increased creativity amongst the youth to fulfill consumer expectations through better products and services by capturing untapped markets. Startups are dynamic organizations which lead to increased competitiveness in an economy which gives India an opportunity to gradually become a market leader and not just an outsourcing destination for cheap IT services. These startups have acted as a catalytic agent for change because they finally create a demand for goods and services in an economy which leads to a rise in GDP of the country. Startup India had addressed problems such as affordable education, healthcare, entertainment, financial security etc. Keywords: Entrepreneurs, Start up, Innovation Download PDF

Author: Vivek Yadav
Keyword: Feeding India, Public health, Malnutrition, start-up.
Page No: 109-113
Abstract: In present scenario 1.3 million Indian Children die due to hunger every year. India’s ranking in the International Food Policy Research Institute’s 2017 Global Hunger Index has invited much comment an d criticism among India’s intellectual elite. India has slipped to 100 among 119 countries in the 2017 Global Hunger Index, down from 97 among the 118 countries in 2016. Globally, hunger kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. India has the highest number of undernourished people in the world. The excess food being directly send to the bin which could feed 10000+ people just that night. Lots of food plates were just wasted in a day. Feeding India is a youth run not-for-profit social organization which aims to solve the problem of hunger, malnutrition and food wastage in the country. We also address stunting in children under the age of 5, and the nutritional needs of adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women. We channelize extra food from individuals, wedding, restaurants, hostels, college canteens and corporate offices to the people who really need it and have no means or access to food. By preventing food from being thrown into bins, garbage dumps near our residential areas and ever going landfills we are ensuring a cleaner India. With regular provision of meals, children can focus more on education and extracurricular activities which leads to a fall in the number of School Dropouts. Near 42% of all Indian children are undernourished. By balancing meals according to beneficiary type (proteins for kids, digestibles for old etc.), we ensure better nutrition intake for all. A major portion of what we do is redistributing good extra food to people in need. We strive to feed as many as we can sustainably, to move towards a Hunger Free India Keywords: Feeding India, Public health, Malnutrition, start-up. Download PDF

Author: Ramesh N Zade, Kushal M.Mude, Bhupesh M. Mude
Keyword: Bismuth Ferrite, primary alcohol, oxidation
Page No: 114-116
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.2.2018.114-116
Abstract: Bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3/BFO) was prepared using wet chemical route. Precursors were bismuth nitrate and iron nitrate and citric acid as chelating agent. Solid mass was given thermal treatment .The pre pared samples were characterized by XRD, SEM and BET method. BFO has several applications in physics and device applications. Applications of BFO as a highly efficient heterogeneous and recoverable catalyst for organic reactions were remain unattended. So applications of BFO for oxidation of primary alcohols are taken for study. Key words: Bismuth Ferrite, primary alcohol, oxidation Download PDF

Author: Kirti S. Pradhan
Keyword: Insurance, Economic Development, policy, comparison, Investors Avenue, Premium, Cost Benefit, Efficient, Competitive advantage.
Page No: 117-121
Abstract: The insurance industry in India holds a major market share. With an annual premium income of 14.8 trillion dollar (approx) this industry contributes a major sum to the economy of the Nation. The Pr oblem in the late 2007s started when there was a boom in the number of insurance companies across various domains. The customers then faced the issue of picking one option among the various available to insure their assets & valuables, also with a rise in many fraudulent companies that made their way into the system it became even more difficult for the customers to trust a certain brand without raising an eyebrow. In 2008, two entrepreneurs Yashish Dahiya & Alok Bansal started Policy Bazaar, an online portal that let the registered users compare insurance policies offered by different institutions in that domain. The thought that went behind was to make the insurance system more reliable and efficient yet keeping in mind the rates and returns that were offered. In 5 years time policy Bazaar has successfully raised 70 million dollar through funding. The website gained popularity among the corporates and attracted many loyal customers. My Findings Include: The factors that stand out in making the startup a success and its impact on the customers. Factors that make the website unique: The website offers tools that help one calculate the return, pension interest, list of insurance companies to choose from, term plans, investment options, cancellation support. Impact on customers: It offers a one touch solution that saves time, enhances investor’s knowledge, offers insurance options to choose from, tools to calculate best optimum plan for the customer, paved new avenues for investors. Keywords: Insurance, Economic Development, policy, comparison, Investors Avenue, Premium, Cost Benefit, Efficient, Competitive advantage. Download PDF

Author: Prof. Rahul Shetty, Ms. Siddhi Salvi, Ms. Dayani Sangvekar, Mr.Yogendra Sanap
Keyword: T back shaped belt, Comfortable usage, Affordable price.
Page No: 122-125
Abstract: In 2017, the estimated total population in India amounted to approximately 1.32 billion people. Out of which 60% of population comes under working category. Back pain is one of the most common medical problems which is observed in most of the countries in the world. According to the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, with about 1 in 4 adults experiencing at least one day of pain in a three-month period. In addition, the job you do it may put you at risk: Some jobs may require you to pull more weights as compared to jobs which allow you to simply sit and work. – both of which can take a toll on your spine. Back pain is a major health concern for workers and is likely to affect 80 percent of adults in India during their lifetime. Backs play a focal role in supporting and protecting our bodily structure which impacts a person both mentally and physically. Back pain may aggravate with regular lifting of heavy items at work place and also in regular course of activities performed by an individual at home or at workplace It is also noticed in many cases that back pain problems can aggravate the conditions of the business significantly. As per study it is estimated that back related problems is severe. Aggravated back problems may lose concentration and may hinder the focus on the profession. Since it impacts various professions like teaching, nursing, construction factory side etc. Even routine office work can cause severe back pain. And hence our research paper attempts to study and evaluate these problems in Indian context and to what extent can they be effective in solving the back problem and its repercussions. Key words: T back shaped belt, Comfortable usage, Affordable price. Download PDF

Author: Ljubica Kazi, Dragica Radosav, Madhusudan Bhatt, Amar Kansara
Keyword: Agriculture, web, geographic information system, start-up, case study, market, Serbia
Page No: 126-134
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.2.2018.126-134
Abstract: Start-up could be considered as a solution that is innovative and leads to opening new business opportunities, as well as a type of company that is new and growing, starting to promote new products an d services, based on innovations. Aim of this paper is to present innovative solutions and activities in the field of establishing web based geographic information system in the agriculture. Special part is dedicated to the analysis of related research in this field. Particular aim is to analyze the start-up solutions of web-based geographical information systems that are applied in Serbian agriculture sector. Two leading software solutions (First solution is developed by Biosense Institute; Second solution is developed by company Yuteam Software) are analyzed from the functionality aspect. These solutions are analyzed from the aspect of market establishing methods, existing results and opportunities, i.e. methods and results in establishing the solution to be used by as-many-as-possible software users. This case study shows many functional similarities in the developed software solutions. Companies performed the solutions marketing via specially designed web pages and presenting solution at conferences and publications. Particularly important part of marketing is linking with other related business companies, scientific and government-based institutions. Existing results show high potential of using such software solutions in agriculture regions, such as Vojvodina (north part of Serbia). Keywords: Agriculture, web, geographic information system, start-up, case study, market, Serbia Download PDF

Author: Mrs. Krupa Brijesh Shah
Keyword: Mompreneur, entrepreneurship
Page No: 135-139
Abstract: India is a land of women entrepreneurs. A new genre of women entrepreneurs i. e. Mompreneur is evolving. Mompreneurs are those who first turn mothers and then marry maternity with entrepreneurship. M others see the the world through different lens and that is reflected in their business ideas and working models. Mompreneurs have created their businesses that fulfill daily household needs, make business as well house work easily operative, bring out accessible education models for children and other new generations techniques to simplify life. The research study has 20 mompreneurs of Mumbai who started afresh bringing new business ventures into existence after a break. The objectives of the research is to find out the motives of mompreneurs to start their ventures, problems faced in managing it, ability to deal with the maternity pause and fresh ideologies that a startup brings in business. Keywords: Mompreneur, entrepreneurship Download PDF

Author: Dr. Minu Madlani and Mukesh Kanojia
Keyword: e-technology, entrepreneurship
Page No: 140-144
Abstract: The modern business world is the era of E-technology. E-technology plays significant role in developing entrepreneurship in the current world. Shaping up of ideas into commercial business becomes sm ooth and easy due to utilization of e technology. The use of technology has been on the rise since the start of early 2000. The integration of technology with business coined the term of e-commerce which has received impetus due to the availability of gadgets. In India the young population is techno friendly. The start up companies uses the e technology to promote their business by way advertisement, buying and selling of goods, feedback from the stakeholders, they are inclined for different apps as well as tailor made software for the set up. In the world of global business e technology has gained importance and contributed immensely towards progress of the world in respect of research and development, communication, correspondence, marketing activities, advertising. The major contribution is in media world. In everyone’s walks of life E Technology has captured in terms of agriculture sector, service sector, manufacturing industry, IT industry etc. E technology generates employment opportunities as inculcating professional and dynamic skill among youth which lead to entrepreneurship development. The nations growth and development depends upon e technology. For, instance the developed countries like Japan, Germany, United States of America etc. The outcome of start up companies due to utilisation e technology are Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon is the biggest online selling company is the outcome of e technology. The Chinese company MI Redmi phone, Television, gadgets, health band promoted their products through online which resulted good market share in mobile and electronic industry and now the production of MI products are manufactured in India as made in India. E technology plays significant role by helping commercial organisation to start up their business in the world of globalisation in respect of raising capital, conducting research, market evaluation, enhancing market, channel of distribution etc. To conclude that the human life is not restricted only to Food, Clothing, Shelter, Entertainment, Education but also e technology. Key words – e-technology, entrepreneurship Download PDF

Author: Karan Bhasin, Nikisha Kukreja
Keyword: Electric cars, Electric Vehicles, Tesla Inc.
Page No: 145-151
Abstract: As India talks about electrification of cars by India, till 2030, carmakers are the ones that are going to make all the difference in getting there. Indian government in return has also planned on ass isting the movement of electrification of transport vehicles due to several environmental problems in the country. The biggest name in the Electrical vehicle industry thus far is Tesla, Inc. Elon Musk, CEO and Founder of Tesla Inc, has himself shown interest in launching Tesla cars in India, although the vehicles sold by them are going to appeal to the higher class, majority of India consists of middle class society. This opens up huge markets for start-ups with mid-range value cars. This brief original paper reports on India’s current acceptance towards Electric Vehicles (EV) and whether electric cars have the potential to dramatically change the automotive industry in India. It also highlights the strategy used by Tesla Inc. and other EV manufacturers which is useful data for a start-up in EV industry in India. The methods used for this Argumentative Research Paper’s Data collection are of two types, Primary and Secondary Methods. Primary Data is collected for the first time via questionnaire data collection using Simple Random Sampling Method. The secondary data is the data which has already been collected by different sources and mediums – Internet, Magazines, and Newspapers. Keywords – Electric cars, Electric Vehicles, Tesla Inc. Download PDF

Author: Dr Saraswathi Moorthy
Keyword: Startup, innovation, Tours and Travel,
Page No: 152-156
Abstract: Tourism refers to the activity undertaken wherein people travel and move from one place to another mainly for pleasure. Start ups refer to any newly established business. The article attempts to exam ine the profile of a start up enterprise in Tamilnadu. The information obtained has helped to bring out the social relevance of the business, the challenges to be faced by tourism enterprises , future plans and impact of such tourism ventures . Key terms- Startup, innovation, Tours and Travel, Download PDF