ARCHIVES(Journal of Harmonized Research in Applied Science)

Author: Niyomi Patel
Keyword: Startup, MSME, SIDBI
Page No: 157-160
Abstract: The Government is laying emphasis on the promotion and development of startups in our country. It has introduced various schemes and measures for the same. The Small Industries Development Bank of Ind ia (SIDBI), has been actively involved in assisting the entrepreneurs in both financial and non-financial ways. Entrepreneurs can avail finance for their various requirements such as purchase and development of assets, expansion, technology advancement, growth, marketing, brand building etc. SIDBI guides entrepreneurs through the entire process of obtaining loan, which ensures hassle free finance. Key words: startup, MSME, SIDBI Download PDF

Author: Puja Choudhary.
Keyword: Bus Ticketing, Red Bus , Bus Travel Industry
Page No: 161-166
Abstract: Although used by millions of people, the bus travel industry in India was highly splinter as well as untidy. Key issues with the then-existing model was the communication gap between the travel agents and the customers .This startup was based on one of the co founder’s real life experience . He wanted to go from Bangalore to Hyderabad for Diwali, but could not go due to lack of access to the availability of tickets .It was not only he but also the entire public who faced various challenges due to non access of tickets .He saw a huge opportunity through these available but un booked seats .His engineering instincts persuaded him to think deeper into the situation. Then, they found cyberspace as the best ground to deliver all this information and make electronic commerce to purchase return bus tickets which was the chief trending issues. This paper attempts to probe as well as figure out the extent of the transmutation and its repercussions by pivoting on red bus. It itemizes the challenges foregathered by redbus which currently covers ecologically 4/5 of the whole market. Redbus has proved to the world that thinking out of box would yield excellent results. Redbus today is one of the most successful online ticket booking agencies. Today it has 2000 bus operators, more than 10000 buses listed on it, covering over 100,000 routes across countries and sells about 5000above tickets every day. This mode will also let the bus service management to detect their booked tickets statistics online which diminishes the human error in offline bus ticket booking method, enlarge exactness and magnify the mould ability of facts processing. It also has a sophisticated, easy to use and a good user interface which enables the customers to perform their online transaction smoothly. The journey of redbus has been amazing and an eyeopener to all the budding entrepreneurs. Key words: Bus Ticketing, Red Bus , Bus Travel Industry. Download PDF

Author: Dr. Shraddha Mayuresh Bhome, Adv. Suyash V. Pradhan
Keyword: Social Media, Start-ups, Marketing
Page No: 167-170
Abstract: Social computing involves the use of online social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn to reach consumers in innovative ways. Businesses of all types are getting involved in so cial media in an attempt to reach to a new audience and reinforce their ties with existing customers. As one is starting a new business, the major concern is with creating a product or service offering, finding first customers, building partnerships to help grow more quickly and ensuring one has enough money to sustain the company. The purpose of this study is to investigate how marketing efforts in social media can be successful in attracting customers for start-up companies. It also tries to understand how an owner of a start-up, recognize using social media to grow its business and uses social media to engage with its customers. Keywords: Social Media, Start-ups, Marketing Download PDF

Author: Dr. Neha Jagtiani
Keyword: Ola, Start up.
Page No: 171-176
Abstract: The research paper on Ola gives a breif about the start up of 2 IIT Bombay Graduates. From an idea of providing cab services to a common man to hailing market which is valued at more than $10Billion. ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd., operating under the trade name Ola, is an Indian origin online transportation network company. It was founded as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai, but is now based in Bangalore. As of September 2015, Ola was valued at $5 billion. Ola Cabs was founded on 3 December 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal, currently CEO, and Ankit Bhati. As of 2017, the company has expanded to a network of more than 600,000 vehicles across 110 cities. In November 2014, Ola diversified to incorporate autorickshaws on a trial basis in Bangalore. After the trial phase, Ola Auto expanded to other cities like Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata starting in December 2014. In December 2015, Ola expanded its auto services in Mysore, Chandigarh, Indore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Guwahati and Visakhapatnam. In January 2018, Ola extended its reach into its first overseas market, namely Australia, and has plans to eventually run the service in Sydney and Melbourne - having already arrived in Perth in late February. Keywords: Ola, Start up. Download PDF

Author: Dr. Ms Minu B. Madlani and Dr.Jitendra K. Aherkar
Keyword: Microfinance, Self Help Groups, Empowerment
Page No: 177-180
Abstract: Microfinance refers to small savings, credit and insurance services extended to socially and economically disadvantages segments of society. It is emerging as powerful tool for poverty alleviation in india. India falls under low income class according to world Bank. It is second populated country in the world and around 70% of its population lives in rural area. 60% of people depend on agriculture as a result there is chronic underemployment and per capita income is only $ 3262. This is not enough to provide food to more than one individual. The obvious result is poverty, low rate of education, low sex ratio, and exploitation. The poverty reduction has become the object of unprecedented attention at national and international level. The scheme of Microfinance has been found as an effective instrument for lifting the poor above the level of poverty by providing them increased self employment opportunities and making them credit worthy. Thus the concept of microfinance gained growing recognition as an effective tool in improving the quality of life and living standards of poor people. Keywords: Microfinance, Self Help Groups, Empowerment. Download PDF

Author: Dr. Prashant Vithal Kadam, Miss. Sunita Gurav, Miss. Natacia Noronha & Miss. K. Jayapriya .M
Keyword: Startups, Technology, Connectivity, Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness
Page No: 181-188
Abstract: India is a technologically developing south Asian country. It is third in terms of its Purchasing Power Parity and 7th largest country by area. The increasing digitization of the Indian economy over t he last decade or more has brought India on the world map of IT and ITeS. The increasing contribution of the software industry in the total service exports has mandated the government to come up with defined reforms in the technological field. The unemployment problem however has deprived the economy and the nation from the efficient use of its human capital. The entrepreneurial talents of the vast populated country has never been explored or tapped properly. This has also resulted into a huge brain drain in the past. The government of India took proactive measures for the techno savvy firms and industries. This was further supplemented by the, “Startup India, Stand up India” on 15th August 2015 to promote Bank financing for start-ups and offer incentives to boast entrepreneurship and job creation. All these measures were initiated towards creating an efficient, dynamic and innovative class of entrepreneurs. The paper has explored the international dynamisms of India to gear towards its ventures of Startups in India. It has also analysed India’s preparedness in its startups programs, its failures etc. and the technological readiness in terms of select parameters such as internet connectivity, subscriptions and etc. This paper is aimed at analyzing about the growth and prospects of Startup systems in India. Keywords: Startups, Technology, Connectivity, Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness Download PDF

Author: Ms. Manpreet Wadhwa
Keyword: Wow Momos, Food, Start up.
Page No: 189-193
Abstract: It is difficult when it comes to food. Especially when you think of introducing something in the market that is already invented, created, easily available. But this start up story makes one believe t hat you just need some courage and one idea to be successful. Yes! Just an idea can make you successful. Wow Momos is that idea. Wow! Momo is a chain of fast food restaurants headquartered in Kolkata, specializing in Momos, a dumpling popular in Nepal and parts of Tibet and India. It was established in 2008 by Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai, alumni of St. Xavier's College, in Kolkata. It has spread across the city to Chennai, Pune, Bengaluru, Kochi, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bhubaneshwar. The brand has grown rapidly to become the country's largest momo chain in terms of volumes, turnovers & innovations. Their menu caters to 12 different flavors of momos available in steamed, fried & pan fried formats largely in white & brown flour variants. They have smartly innovated & invented to create Sizzler Momos, MoBurg (Momo Burgers), Momo Chats etc. And to top it all, even their dessert is a 'Chocolate momo. The research article gives a breif about the man behind wow momos. His hard work in making the brand so successful. A brand that as very recently raised its 1st Round of Investor Funding of over 2 Million USD at a 100 Crore Valuation from The Indian Angel Network (IAN) in just a decade. Key terms- Wow Momos, Food, Start up. Download PDF

Author: Vijayachandra Kumar U, R Murali
Keyword: Dominating set, vertex domination number, s-path domination number, Minimal vertex dominating set.
Page No: 194-199
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.3.2018.194-199
Abstract: Let G = (V,E) be a simple connected and undirected graph. A subset D of V is called a dominating set of G if every vertex not in D is adjacent to some vertex in D. The domination number of G denoted b y is the minimal cardinality taken over all dominating sets of G. A dominating set of G is called a s-path dominating set of G if every path of length s in G has at least one vertex in this dominating set. We denote a s-path dominating set by . The s-path domination number of G denoted by is the minimal cardinality taken over all s - path dominating sets of G. In this paper, we determine s - path domination number of the shadow distance graph of the path graph with specified distance sets. Keywords: - Dominating set, vertex domination number, s-path domination number, Minimal vertex dominating set. Download PDF

Author: Dayma R., Bhandari R. B.
Keyword: GIDs, APDs, yoga therapy, lifestyle moderation.
Page No: 200-204
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.3.2018.200-204
Abstract: Unnatural lifestyle and dietary habits have caused life threatening gastrointestinal disease (GIDs) such as Acid Peptic Disease (APDs). About 7 lakh people died in 2002 due to stomach cancer and 60 to 70 million people are suffering from various GIDs in US. The aim of the study is to analyze the yoga therapy and lifestyle moderation on GIDs related to APDs like Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), hyperacidity, gastric and duodenal ulcer, by accessing the databases-Google Scholar, Pub Med, Medline, Elsevier and Willey, and other noted research journals, books and online sources. Lastly the paper will stress significance of yoga and natural lifestyle practices to prevent and moderate APDs as compared to pharmacological treatments. Key Words: GIDs, APDs, yoga therapy, lifestyle moderation. Download PDF

Author: Sadhana Dadhore, G.Paran Gowda
Keyword: Education, Yogasana, Chess Game.
Page No: 205-212
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.3.2018.205-212
Abstract: The major objective of the paper is to propose a novel method of awakening the potentially dormant energy in learning the Yogasanas through the modified Chess game. It is hypothesized that one can pra ctice Yogasanas and build the body and mind through Chess game. All 32 pawns (both white and black pieces) are chiselled with 32 yogasanas based on each pawn’s power and position. When two playing opponents move their respective pawn positions, simultaneously they are moving with all 32 asana pawns in each move. The probabilities of getting skilled in yogasanas about the pawn positions are tested with 300adolescents age group between 12-16 years from the secondary education schools. An Item questionnaire of 20 values of yogasanas, questionnaire is prepared. Psychometric analysis of data is carried out using SPSS. The Validity and Cronbach’s alpha values are found to be 0.84 and 0.66 respectively. The KMO measure of sampling adequacy and Bartlett’s test of sphericty is found to be 0.712. Factor analysis is carried out and correlation values are found to be highly significant at p<0.0005. Incorporating Yogasana based education curriculum in schools may be useful in building the physical and mental capabilities of the students. Keywords: Education, Yogasana, Chess Game. Download PDF

Author: Sunoj B S*, Mathew Varkey T K
Keyword: Graph labeling, linear, prime labeling, prime graphs, di graphs, path.
Page No: 213-216
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.3.2018.213-216
Abstract: Linear prime labeling of a graph is the labeling of the vertices with {0,1,2---,p-1} and the direct edges with twice the value of the terminal vertex plus value of the initial vertex. The greatest com mon incidence number of a vertex (gcin) of in degree greater than one is defined as the greatest common divisor of the labels of the incident edges[5]. If the gcin of each vertex of in degree greater than one is one, then the graph admits linear prime labeling[6]. Here we investigate some path related di graphs for linear prime labeling. Keywords: Graph labeling, linear, prime labeling, prime graphs, di graphs, path. Download PDF

Author: Bhavika L. Patel
Keyword: BIB design, GD design, EB design, binary and non-binary designs, augmented design, kronecker product of matrices.
Page No: 217-221
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.3.2018.217-221
Abstract: This paper provides the methods of construction of binary and non-binary efficiency balanced (EB) designs. The methods are based on the incidence matrices of balanced incomplete block (BIB) designs an d group divisible (GD) designs. Key Words: BIB design, GD design, EB design, binary and non-binary designs, augmented design, kronecker product of matrices. Download PDF

Author: Chitra Kandpal, Sukhwinder Singh, Dr Devraj Mishra
Keyword: Quark confinement, Dual superconductor picture, Abelian projection, MA gauge.
Page No: 222-226
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.6.3.2018.222-226
Abstract: We present study of the abelianization of SU(3) quenched lattice QCD in maximally abelian (MA) gauge in light of dual superconductor picture. After the MA gauge fixing, we studied the use of Cartan de composition to split the gauge field in QCD into Abelian and off-diagonal parts. For the study of potentials related to these parts as V(r) for interquark potential, for Abelian potential and for off diagonal potential, we reviewed the lattice calculations of several size lattices by various authors at ß=5.8-6.4 and observed relationship among these potentials which suggests a non trivial relation . Index Terms – Quark confinement, Dual superconductor picture, Abelian projection, MA gauge Download PDF