ARCHIVES(Journal of Harmonized Research in Management)

Author: Abhishek Kumar, Rashi Gupta, Shilpa Singh, Dr.Prince Dubey
Keyword: Impulse Buying, Grocery Items, ANOVA
Page No: 01-08
DOI: 10.30876/JOHR.5.1.2019.1-8
Abstract: The spontaneous or unplanned purchase of goods is the best way to define impulse buying. Impulse buying can happen in any product ranging from new product, samples to well establish products with vari ous discount offers. There is limited work had been conducted to assess the impulse buying habit of customer in FMCG category. The formulated hypothesis is verified by using a self-reported questionnaire. The questionnaire contains the demographic information of respondents and 16 statements. A survey was planned and conducted on convenience basis. During survey 215 grocery items customers are approached and finally the sample size of the study is 179 by dropping the irrelevant ones. Impulsive buying is very important for grocery items. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies and specially grocery item company should take into account what factors motivates and what factors de-motivates impulse buying, product category in grocery item which leads to maximum impulse buying and understand relationship between demographic detail and impulse buying in grocery items.Download PDF